Work Culture

At Wafts Solutions, we offer our staff flexibility at work which we have seen to foster an environment of creativity and critical skill development. This, in turn, fosters a habit of honesty and openness in one’s dealings–a value that is highly appreciated here.

We are transparent in all our dealings; hence we expect our staff to be entirely honest and sincere in their dedication to work. We give these ourselves, so we do not anticipate a day when this will not be possible.

At Wafts Solutions, we value merit and hard work. We also value time-honored principles like honesty, loyalty, motivation and a positive attitude to work. In return, we give you a professional work ambience which is growth and goal-oriented.

Current Opportunities

Job title: Software Engineer

Install, Configure, Administer Avamar Infrastructure on 7.5.0 across environment and provide guidelines of backup process workflow to backup various systems. Design and Configure Data Domain DD9500 (6.0.1) and DD9800 (6.0.1) for backup storage. Integrate Avamar and Data Domain and perform necessary upgrades when needed to meet client software level agreements.Deploy Avamar agents across all physical servers to perform backup and restore operations on daily basis.Design and Configure policies, datasets, schedules and groups to run backups. Configure image level backups to backup virtual machines and be responsible to manage around 8000 VM’s across total environment which includes three major datacenters. Configure and schedule DPA reports to monitor client backups and create custom reports, templates and dashboards for audit team and management to view the high level performance of the systems managed.Configure replication across data domains to replicate data to off-site in a DR scenario.Administer daily backups activities and troubleshooting backup and restore issues.Configure VM backups based on rules in Avamar and pull VM’s by tagging in VMware. Design a backup workflow for Exchange Servers to backup using Avamar to optimize the backup time to deliver high performance. Install and configure Data protection central to monitor all systems at one place. Manage all Data Domains at Data Domain Management Systems. Require Masters in Computer Science, MIS, Engineering, or related & 1 year experience OR Bachelors in Computer Science, MIS, Engineering, or related and 5 years progressive experience. Send resume to Wafts Solutions, Inc. 32969 Hamilton Court, Ste. 123 Farmington Hills, MI 48334.